hello and welcome!

i'm an independent jewelery artist, living and working in the crumbling, humid city of new orleans, louisiana. i like to create objects out of metal and stone and bits of stories and dreams; i'd like to invite you for a wander through the factory.
what you see here is a sampling of some of my recent work; if you'd like to see what i have for sale, you can hop on over to my etsy shop!
example of jewelry by jessi taylor

what is it?

all the jewelry is made with sterling silver, an elemental material near and dear to my beating heart. with it, i build little houses for stones, buttons, eyeballs and other such trinkets; wearable little treasures that come along with you on your adventures. sometimes i like to add a touch of gold to really launch a piece in to the stratosphere; buckle up!

how did it happen?

every piece that i make has a story behind it; sometimes a little scrap of a dream, sometimes a re-telling of an ancient myth, a futuristic space mission, a poem, or just a romantic memory of a past adventure.... these stories tumble around in my head while i'm at the bench, and so, little shreds of them are steeped in the jewels themselves.

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